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Aliti’s is probably the most cost effective bar in Katelios.

The standard drinks are reasonably priced and what you see is what you get.  
If it says Smirnoff on the bottle, it’s Smirnoff in the bottle.

The normal prices are good but the Aliti’s Deals are better. There are at least 
two special offers every day.

The cocktail list is extensive and includes all the usual suspects.  But, if your 
favourite isn’t on there we can always give it a go, ingredients and know-how 

For sports fans, there’s a 50” TV and satellite sports.  If the event you want to 
see isn’t advertised just ask. If I can get it and it doesn’t clash with anything 
else I’ll show it.

Every Thursday evening there’s a fun quiz.  It’s not Mastermind, it’s free to enter 

and there are even some prizes to win.

The bar is fully air-conditioned (which you will definitely appreciate when it's 40
degrees outside)
and the loos are ‘posh’ - a good size and clean.  It’s a simple
but vital point, just ask 
the ladies.

 "There are better things in life than alcohol, but alcohol makes up for not having them"  Terry Pratchett