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Ask any of my friends about me and they'll tell you I love wine, beer, rugby and animals.
Not necesssarily in that order.

In 2001, I came to work in Kefalonia for a 6 month trial period and have only been
back to the UK a few times since.   If you're looking at these photos and think I look familiar you may have met me in Skala where I worked until opening Aliti's in 2008.  
I spent most time at the Marietta & Eleanna hotels but also made brief guest
appearances at BBs and The Loft.

Somewhere along the line I became involved with KATs (the island's animal charity)
and even served on the Committee at one point. But now I content myself with
fundraising as best I can and dealing with my ever-expanding personal collection of strays.

If you are an animal lover, do look at the KATs section of the site.  It gives you an
overview of what they do and I've even thrown in a couple of local rescue stories
for good measure.

If you're a real sucker for punishment check out My Animals
to see their photos and rescue stories.

"Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world."
Kaiser Wilhelm

Alex & Sharon photo

Sharon & cats photo