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The two questions people most often ask about the bar are:
What does Aliti's mean? 
and (from Katelios regulars) What was it before?

is Greek for Tramp.  It is also the name of my first Greek rescue dog.
He was dumped in Skala when he was a tiny pup and followed me everywhere,
desperately trying to make me take him home.  I resisted for a whole summer while
he was generally ill-treated, hit by a car and had a lighter flame flicked in his eye
for laughs.  When somebody shot him and injured his leg at the end of the season,
though, I had no choice.  It was take him then or live with the guilt of his death.

Aliti started my involvement with KATs.  The charity paid the vet fees for his injured
leg and for his neutering.  Their help made it possible for me to take him on.  
He also broke down my defences and I've since become a soft option for many other
strays.  For more about Aliti and my other rescue animals see My Animals.

What was Aliti's before it was a bar?
I understand it's been many things in the past including a bar, car hire office,
hairdresser's and gift shop.  It was empty for four years before I opened the bar
though so if you'd peered in the window then, this is all you'd have seen.

It's a small space so it was a real challenge to fit everything in and still leave
room for customers.  If you're interested to see how it took shape, take a look
at the Makeover page.

"It's better to spend money like there's no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there's no money."
P J O'Rourke

Aliti photo
Before photo of bar