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Here's the making of Aliti's.  Thanks to the boys from the Black Country (Steve the builder & Mick the sparks).  They have to work together because nobody else can understand them.

bar wc 1
bar wc 2
The nasty loo had to go. Shame about the power cut though. The boys had to abandon power tools for hammers & brute force. Steve still trying to remember where he put everything in the chaos.
Behind bar 1 photo
Behind bar 2 photo
Steve - "just don't drink anything you find in
one of those plastic bottles until the new loo
is plumbed in."
Mick - "you need more wires chasing into  reinforced concrete? My pleasure mate."
Seating wall 1 photo
Seating wall 2 photo
Two tonnes of rubbish - going Going
Exterior bar 1 photo
Exterior bar 2 photo
Where to put the Aliti's sign? I know, on the window.  Not very straight though - maybe better leave it to Steve.

"The best beer in the world is the open bottle in your hand."
Danny Jansen

bar wc 3
I love it when a plan comes together..

Behind bar 3 photo
Mum. By this stage she'd convinced herself she'd built the whole bar single handed.
Seating wall 3 photo
Exterior bar 3 photo
Ah, yes.  That's the way to do it.