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As anyone who comes to the bar will tell you, you earn big brownie points with me for contributing to the KATs fund.  Whether it's taking part in the bonus ball lotto, buying a greetings card or just dropping some shrapnel into the collection box it all adds up.

In 2009 Aliti's Bar raised over €650 for KATs which I thought was amazing.  Then you surpassed yourselves in 2010 by contributing a staggering €1,500. The KATs Committee thought it was pretty impressive too.  Even though many of them live at the opposite end of the island they all made the effort to come down for a surprise visit and presented me with a certificate thanking Aliti's Bar customers for their generosity. 

Since then Aliti's Bar has consistently raised around
2,000 for KATs every year. The grand total for 2016 was €1,848.80 - a minor miracle in such a quiet season.

Of course it doesn't end there. KATs borrow the bar for a couple of hours every other Sunday through the winter to sell donated books, dvds, coffee and cakes at bargain basement prices.  This winter the booksales raised an additional 

I also keep pestering you for help out of season. This March (2017) I e-mailed you to vote for this cat photo to try and win the 'good cause' cash prize in the Panasonic Eneloop photo competition.  Many of you did and as a result KATs won and received the
€5,000 prize.

So thank you all for your contributions. We all know times are tough but you've still put your hands in your pockets and helped to improve a lot of little lives. Keep up the good work!   
KATS cert photo

Smiling dog photo
KATs competition photo