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KATS' main focus is on neutering because it is the most effective use of the limited funds available.

However, the charity can occasionally provide help in other areas whenever circumstances permit. Sometimes it only needs a bit of advice, a place in the subsidised neutering scheme or a bit of food for the strays to make all the difference. T
he deciding factor is having someone on the ground who goes the extra mile, seeking advice but willing to put themselves out to do the groundwork and try to find solutions on site.

Here are some rescue stories to give an idea of the way KATs has made an impact on a few little lives in the Katelios area over the past few years.

EarthquakeAssosSweetieCaramellaBrianNeutering Clinic
PaddyBobbyHoneyPhilosCats of Katelios

Philos and Mum photo

Cats at Alexis bar