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You can visit Pat and see some rescue animals at KATs HQ if you like.  Villa Jomar is in Menegata, not far from the airport. The animals love visitors and are always open to a little bribery, some carrots and apples for the donkeys or some chew sticks for the dogs.

The cast list of animals changes constantly and Pat is trying to scale down her workload but there is always a variety of rescued and fostered animals there.  Most are cats and dogs but there's also Gertie the goat, Brian the donkey and some chickens and ducks.

Open to Visitors
Between 10am & 1pm - Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Or by appointment
Closed on Sunday

It's a little tricky to find if you've never been before so be sure to check out
Directions before you set off.

If you still run into trouble or just want to contact Pat about visiting arrangements,
call her on 0030 6941 668099.  
(But bear in mind the phone is switched off at siesta time - between 2pm & 6pm)

Dogs at KATs photo

Jennifer photo