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The 'Doris' group was set up by a number of local Greek ladies to feed and care for over 100 Argostoli street dogs following the new law which stated all stray dogs had to be removed from tourist areas.

Doris was one of the founder members of the organisation and, after her death, the group decided to honour her memory by naming the charity after her.

Before the Municipality donated the land where ARK/Doris has now built the Rescue & Adoption Centre, the organisation removed the dogs from the streets of Argostoli and temporarily rehomed them with 'friends of Doris' in a number of surrounding villages.

At the outset, 'Doris' representative Marina came to the KATs AGM in March 2011 to ask for fundraising tips and support. Since then the two organisations have worked together whenever possible, collaborating to rehome and neuter as many animals as they can.  It's a match made in heaven as KATs targets neutering and ARK/Doris rehoming.

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