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Pitch in and walk a dog
At any one time there are 300+ dogs and over 40 cats at the ARK Animal Rescue and Adoption Centre, all looking for new homes. That's a lot of mouths to feed & care for and a lot of man-hours to get it all done. In winter a number of island residents volunteer to help regularly with cleaning kennels, 'poo patrol' and socialising the dogs but it's harder in summer when most people are working 7 days a week.  

Many people miss their pets when they come on holiday so why not pop in and walk a dog or play with some pups? It's fun for you and essential to give the dogs exercise and get them used to human company.  

In Summer the Centre is open to visitors every day between 11am & 7pm.
But if you decide to go please phone ahead so somebody can be prepared to show you around.
Call Dionisis on +30 6979 131136     or email:

Donate some essential supplies
  • pots, pans
  • blankets, carpets, old clothes
  • plastic toys
  • construction material (cement, fences, etc). Please contact ARK in advance for information about exactly what they need
  • medical supplies and medicines
  • animal food
Posting from the UK
The address to send things is Marina's shop in Argostoli:

Dionisis Kappatos
"Voskopula - since 1910'
Lithostroto 3
Argostoli 28100
Tel: +30 26710 25434

On holiday
If you're visiting the ARK shelter you can drop things off there when you go.

if you're going into Argostoli itself, you can leave donations with ARK representative Marina who has a shop on Lithostroto. Lithostroto is the main paved street where all the coffee shops are and she has a tiny traditional Greek sweet shop opposite the court building and next to a stationers. At the 'traffic lights' end, where the one way road system leaves Argostoli, there's usually a little metal table & chairs outside - and a dog or two sleeping nearby.

Make a donation

Via Paypal on the ARK site:

or directly into the ARK/Doris bank account:
Piraeus Bank

Branch   :  1382 Argostoli
Name: Organisation Animal Friends, Municipality Kefalonia Doris
Bank account number  :   6382-110096-781  EUR
ΙΒΑΝ   :   GR59  0171  3820  0063  8211  0096  781

Adopt a dog
Obviously this is the most drastic form of assistance and I mention it only because it's an option. We all know there are plenty of dogs in the UK who need homes but if you fall in love with a particular dog here, it is possible. Thanks to the change in quarantine laws from January 2012 the whole process is also much quicker and cheaper than before because long-term boarding is no longer required.  For further information look at the quarantine page.

Ark dog Shaggy photo

Ark dog Iren photo

Dogleads photo
Ark dog Pavlito photo

Poppy 1 photo