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Assos was adopted by a Dutch couple who fell in love with him while they were on holiday in Kefalonia.

He had to travel after them because he  needed to serve his quarantine time first. When it came time to make the arrangements, the airline insisted he had to be accompanied on the flight. So Pat put out an appeal for volunteers.

I knew Henk & Ineke (regular customers at Aliti's) were due out on holiday from Holland again so I asked them if they'd oblige. They were very happy to travel back with Assos and he was reunited with his new owners at the airport.

Holly & Wally

These pups were abandoned in Ano Katelios in 2014 and ended up being fostered by Aliti's Bar quizmistress Jean. Traditionally a cat person Jean's really embraced dogs in a big way lately, permanently adopting Sweetie (see her story) and fostering these two.

Holly and Wally went to Holland in early December thanks to Dutch charity Gaia Dogs. They were initially fostered there and both were found (separate) forever homes in January 2015.

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Assos in Kef photo

Assos in Amsterdam photo
Holly & Wally photo