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The cats of Katelios

Tourists often worry about what happens to the cats out of season. Fear not, there's a 'meals on wheels' service around Katelios so they get plenty to eat.  There are regular deliveries to the places where they like to gather - the Anemona, Katelios Grill, Alexi's bar, Hercules and Odyssia among them.

As well as making sure the cats are well fed, it keeps them used to people and easy to catch for neutering.  You may notice cats with the tip of one ear missing. That's how we know which strays have been neutered. Before the ear clipping there had been some confusion because there are so many similar looking cats. It was hard to keep track of who was done and who was not so some poor souls were rounded up for neutering a second time.

The other benefit of the feeding stations is that health problems can be nipped in the bud.  Injuries can be treated, antibiotics administered or trips to the vet arranged.

For the latest news check out the cats of Katelios Facebook page.


Zorro has been on the neutering 'most wanted' list for a couple of years now but he's always managed to disappear whenever anyone has tried to find him to take him for the op.  
In 2015 he was finally parted from his crown jewels.  

He's a lovely cat who enjoys plenty of fuss and lap-sitting but he was starting to get into lots of fights with other tom cats and he ended up with a nasty ear injury which needed attention. Sheila took him to the vet where his ear was treated and he was neutered for good measure. He had a short holiday with Sheila & Roger and then quizmistress Jean to make sure he finished his course of antibiotics and now he's back in Katelios doing his thing.

Anemona cat

One of the Anemona 'wall gang' cats had cancer affecting both ears.  Unfortunately it's a common problem with white cats who have to deal with our fierce Summer sun.  Putting sunscreen on helps to protect them but this is obviously not an option with the street cats.  Fortunately for this chap, a donation from KATs enabled him to have operation on his ears in November 2015. He's now back out with the gang and doing well.

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Anemona kittens photo
Wall gang at Anemona photo

Zorro photo
Son of Bruiser photo
Cat with ear cancer photo