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Bobby appeared as a tiny pup in Skala in the Autumn of 2009. Almost from the outset at least three sets of people with livestock had been actively seeking him out to shoot him, claiming he had been killing their chickens.

Fortunately for Bobby he's smart, massively wary and very talented at making himself
invisible. At some point he latched on to a well-fed 'outside dog' who allowed him to
share her food and later he started to like being around my dogs and make inroads into trusting certain people.

Things reached crisis point in May when he deposited a dead turkey on the land
near my house (where some of the people who wanted to shoot him grow their vegetables). It was clear his days were numbered unless I could get him away.

Pat at KATs had already asked Claudia to work on getting him rehomed in Germany
assuming I could manage him on site until everything was organised but obviously everything changed after the turkey incident. Fortunately this is another one of
those miracle stories. Pat (who is always packed to capacity at Villa Jomar) actually
had a Houdini-proof area available to keep him in until rehoming. A blood test also showed he was clear of any illness which might prevent him from travelling.

Pat, and various volunteers, spent a lot of time getting Bobby socialised, used to the lead and being comfortable indoors. Then Claudia came up trumps and found him a home in Graz, Austria by the end of Summer 2010.

Bobby is now well and truly installed as part of the family. He loves his new owners' son in particular and spends a lot of time playing with him when he gets back from school. He has such a gentle nature and has been rehabilitated so well that his new owners hope he may even be able to help them in their work with handicapped children.

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Bobby in Kef photo
Bobby in Austria 1 photo
Bobby in Austria 2 photo