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Philos means 'friend' in Greek.

His story is a simple one to show that, sometimes, saving an animal is just about knowing where to get the information.

Constanze lives in Austria and often holidays in Skala where her Austrian mother and Greek father have a holiday home.  In Summer 2010 she came to Aliti's with a tiny Philos in her arms and asked how she could take  him to Austria the next day.  He was one of several puppies born to a dog near the beach in Katelios and she'd fallen in love with him on sight.

A call to Pat revealed that, as he was just a few weeks old, vaccinations wouldn't be an issue but the paperwork had to be in order.  Pat met Constanze at the vet's the next morning to make sure he was healthy, free of parasites and issued with the relevant papers.

Later that same day Constanze and her family drove off to board the ferry with the new addition. Now he's all grown up, healthy, happy and very fortunate to have a happy ending.

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Philos with mum photo

Philos older photo