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Honey is such a lucky girl. Her rescue was obviously just meant to be.

There are so many animals abandoned day in, day out, that it's almost impossible to
find somewhere for them to go. Every animal lover on the island ends up taking on
far more than they bargained for and finding a home in the UK is a long shot.

Honey was dumped in Skala in 2010. Less than a year old, she wanted to belong
and attached herself to any animal friendly places or people she could find. Sad to
say, when you live here, you try not to get involved because every animal is cute/
lovely etc. and for every one you take there are as many more again queueing up for homes the next day.

A chance phone call from Con in the UK changed it all. He came on holiday a few years back and ended up taking home a Kefalonian dog. He phoned me (Sharon at Aliti's) for a catch-up call, asked if he could help with any animal rescues and everything fell into place. All the things which are normally impossible to arrange suddenly became possible.

KATs was happy to fund getting her neutered and include her on a future rehoming trip. Patrick & Alex from Cafe Reba agreed to look after her until she was ready to travel. Then it turned out that Angie in the UK (who'd already adopted Lucky, a Kefalonian dog) had been thinking about finding him a friend and even started researching online rescue centres. She guaranteed Honey a home even before seeing the photos and met all other costs involved since.

Honey moved in with Angie in September 2010.
As a girl who know her own mind Honey had hardly set foot in the house before she claimed her own personal armchair - near
the window where she can see everything that goes on.
She bonded immediately with Lucky and they are now inseparable. Honey is full of beans, loving, boisterous and noisy. Lucky is a more timid dog but Honey has become quite protective of him and she's given him a lot more confidence. They enjoy lots of long walks on the beach and in fields but Angie needs to be on her toes because Honey has a habit of losing concentration and running after every dog she sees. She also has to watch out for double trouble because Honey has now taught Lucky how to be a bit cheeky too

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Honey 3 poto

Honey on sofa photo

Honey & Lucky on sofa photo
Honey on chair photo