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Brian is from the Agia Barbara area near Katelios in the South of the island. He led
a pretty miserable life in the beginning but various people pulled together to give him a brighter future and he has the life of Reilly now.

Things started to look up for him when Christine from 'Dreams' beach bar in Katelios stepped in to take care of him in 2009.  Then Mike & Gill, Poros residents, found the money to buy him from his elderly owner.  

Now he lives at Villa Jomar with Pat & Dave Dolman.  He has the company of other
animals, constant care, plenty of rest and a dry, warm home.  He also gets any
medical care he needs.  

Unfortunately, shortly after Brian moved in, the other donkey died and he was a bit lonely for a while. But then he became quite attached to the goats and absolutely adores Dave. After several years of good living he has his feet well under the table now and cries like a baby every morning until Pat lets him out, gives him an extra-strong mint and puts his hay under the tree.

Donkeys live an average of 35/40 years and some make it to  50 or 60.   Nobody knows how many more years Brian will have but at least every year is certain to be a happy one from now on.

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Brian 3

Brian hay photo

Old Brian photo