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Sweetie was abandoned in Katelios in 2014, quite underweight and clearly unwell. Yvonne was on holiday and was steered to Aliti's for advice on how to help her.

With authorisation from KATs, Quizmistress Jean took Yvonne & Sweetie to the vet where the dog was examined and underwent some tests. Bad news - she was diagnosed with Leishmania. Good news - her kidneys were undamaged so the Leishmania was treatable.

The treatment is very expensive though so Yvonne went on her own fundraising drive amongst the holidaymakers, raising enough money for the medicine, flea & worm treatments and a contribution towards neutering. Kostas from Venus car hire agreed to keep Sweetie on site until a foster home could be found and Jean went every day to administer the medicine.

It didn't take long before Jean (who had only ever owned cats before) fell in love with Sweetie and decided to keep her. Sweetie was spayed in January 2015 and is now Leishmania free. 

She is very well settled in her new home, getting on famously with the neighbours' many dogs and the multiple feline residents chez Jean. She has a special bond with her 'baby' Twinkle who was dumped at the doorstep as a tiny, sickly kitten. Sweetie mothered her and even produced milk for Twinkle to suckle.

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Early Sweetie photo

Sweetie & Costas photo