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Caramella is a good example of a rescue made possible by a collaboration - between Mum, ARK & KATs.

I got a distress call from my Mum in Summer 2016 because her next door neighbour had a dog tied up in his garden. He’d told her to phone me to take it away or he’d shoot it. Her neighbour is a farmer notorious in Skala for animal cruelty so it was not an idle threat.

Fortunately, ARK was able to take her the following day and she spent the night at Mum’s.  Caramella is young and boisterous but gentle natured so she was fine with Mum’s animals and sat patiently while I picked what felt like hundreds of ticks off her.  She made herself at home very quickly, adopting the sofa and sleeping on Mum’s bed overnight.

Mum was very sad to see her go and Caramella did not like being left behind at ARK but within a few months she was re-homed. Mum wanted to pay for her neutering so we did this via KATs.  Because her neutering was pre-paid she went for the op very quickly and this bumped her well up the list of dogs eligible for rehoming abroad.

She soon went to live in Holland and Gill (ARK volunteer) sent us some photos of her in her new home.  These make it obvious why they chose Caramella – they already had her doppelganger.

BrianNeutering Clinic
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Caramella on sofa photo

Caramella playing photo
Caramella playing 2