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Earthquake Appeal

On 26 January 2014 Kefalonia suffered a major earthquake (5.9 to 6.1 on the Richter scale depending on the report). Dozens of aftershocks followed, some measuring as much as 5.2.

Lixouri was hit hardest. Fortunately there were no fatalities but nearly every building suffered minor damage. Many, including schools, had more serious problems like collapsed walls and roofs. Many people stayed. Temporary accommodation on ships and in tents was available for those whose homes were uninhabitable. Others fled, abandoning their animals to fend for themselves.

KATs launched an appeal in February to buy large stocks of animal food and regular visits to Lixouri began to feed the hungry cats and dogs and to assess whether any were injured and needed veterinary assistance.

The target was to raise at least €1,440 - the cost of 45 sacks each of dog and cat biscuits. (Discounted and additional sacks donated thanks to an on-side retailer.) The appeal was published on the KATs website and Facebook pages. It was also included in a bi-lingual on-line news agency and in the Kefalonia Press. The response was swift and generous so the target was soon met and additional money went to neutering or medical attention.

Word soon spread about the animal people coming to help and people who had previously never heard of KATs were learning about the help available to them. By the time of the last Lixouri visit (on 22 March) four family dogs had already been neutered and requests were in for two more. All in all, what started as a crisis response turned into a great opportunity to inform and educate Lixouri residents about the work KATs does.

Amongst the general work came a real good news story. A little dog was abandoned  
when her owners left the island after the earthquake. She was a regular fixture in the square on feeding days and became very popular with everybody. Ultimately a local resident decided to adopt her so she is now neutered and happily living in her new home.

A lot of goodwill was generated in Lixouri post-earthquake and new friends and contacts were made. The volunteers were actually quite sad when the emergency visits came to an end. Hopefully that won't be the end of the story. With luck, the word will keep spreading and residents will continue to ask for help with neutering and other issues.

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Lixouri earthquake damage photo

Earthquake food photo
Lixouri feeding photo
Abandoned Lixouri dog photo